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Dry, but not soft!
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Dry, but not soft!

As we entered last year full of hope and optimism, who would have thought we would all become so obsessed with our toilet paper hoard, our Premiers’ daily press conference and the antics of some woman called Karen?

The news cycle has been full of one train wreck followed by another lockdown. COVID. Trump. Masks. Scomo. Clusters. Clots. Ring of steel. WFH. WTF.

If you listen to Murdoch, it could all be solved by simply blaming Dan Andrews.

Is this year going any better or is this just the new normal?

Any wonder 1 in 5 Australian’s are reporting finding more solace in alcohol than before all this mess started.

As we hit the depths of winter, is it time to reflect and reverse the predicament we find ourselves in?

Alcohol is a clear solution to the stress of living through the challenges we’ve been thrown. But are the hangovers and aftereffects worth it?

Cutting back on alcohol has many well-known benefits. Improved mood. Better long-term health. More regenerative sleep. Greater energy. We all known them, but cutting out alcohol for a month is no walk in the park. 

The benefits of cutting back on alcohol are as well-known as the benefits of drinking more water. Better body functioning. Clearer skin. Clarity.

So it sounds pretty simple, drink less alcohol and drink more water! If only…. 

But alcohol is fun, and water is boring….

So how do you go dry this July?

We’re far from experts on the case. In fact we’re biased peddlers of Australia’s finest water. But here are a couple of things we’re trying.

Plan for the morning

Sunrise at the beach

Any surfer will tell you that the best part of the day is first light; the 20-30minutes before sunrise, when the sky turns a crazy kaleidoscope of pinks, blues oranges and deep reds. Even the harshest of lockdowns has given us an hour of exercise. Get out there, get sweaty and enjoy nature. 

Plan a walk, a run, a ride, a surf, an adventure.  It doesn’t matter, just get out there.

One of our team is planning cold showers to start the day. Probably a bit hardcore, but he is enjoying the extra fringe benefits of an increased libido.

An easy mind shift with drinking is that the buzz is not as good, as the hangover is bad. Start planning to beat the sunup every day and you will soon discover the joy of morning exercise.

Drink dry, not soft

Calm and Stormy Sparkling range

Just like quitting smokers need a pen to chew, you’ll need something else to drink. Something to hold. Something to titillate your taste buds. Something to wash down a tasty meal.

What to drink? Who hasn’t ordered the old faithful lemon, lime and bitters? A full sugar lemonade, with extra sugary cordial and bitters to mask the super sweet taste. Doesn’t mean it’s not full of sugar. The haters will argue the sugar is probably just as bad for your liver as the grog its replacing.

The 80s have passed, soft drinks are not the only alternative to alcohol anymore.

We like to go dry, not soft.

Our fruit range contains between 5% and 20% of real Aussie fruit juice. And not just any old juice. Family grown fruit, with rich flavours, that pack a punch. We blend with crisp sparkling mineral water to deliver a dry, but unmistakable real fruit flavour. 

Calm & Stormy Blood Orange

Crimson red flesh. Potent antioxidants. Nothing but 10% real fruit & pulp bleeding into a pool of sparkling volcanic mineral water.

Don’t beat yourself up

Relaxing on a swing

Lastly, any lifestyle habit is hard to change, so don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s going to take discipline and it will get easier the more days you get through. But if your find yourself enticed by a crazy sunset, with great company and a cheeky Aperol Spritz, don’t beat yourself up. Just get up the next day and have another crack.

In the wise words of Doc, “Marty whatever happens don’t go back to 2020.”



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