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Why keeping it simple is harder than you think (but we still do it anyway)

Why keeping it simple is harder than you think (but we still do it anyway)

Every recipe for success always starts with the same basic principle.

Keep it Stupid Simple. 

Easy right?

Actually no. Simple doesn’t mean easy. It never has. 

We don’t know which bonehead first said that, but we don’t live under that rock. 

In fact to us: Simple is everything. You could say that it’s our quest. 

So instead of getting it inked on a tattoo sleeve 

– we just put it in a can.


You care about what you’re drinking. We couldn’t agree more.

That's why we keep our mineral water as natural as its source. It all comes special care of the planet’s own pristine filtration, through rainfall that gets purified through volcanic scoria rock. 

For our sparkling range we add some bubbles. For the still, we don’t add a thing. 

We can’t be sure why people ever mess with natural order, but we can guarantee that those people aren’t us. We don’t do anything that dilutes the efficient primal process. How could we better what already works. 

You get the refreshing taste of nature, time and time again. 

Everybody wins.


You love the taste of lemon sparkling mineral water? 

That’s great – cause we only use lemon + sparkling water. Ok we lied. There’s also a hint of lime. But when you read our drink ingredients it won’t take very long. 

We only use real fruit juice so you only get real flavour. We don’t add any sugar because real fruit is sweet enough. You won’t find anything artificial, or any of those long words you can’t pronounce. No additives. No sweeteners. No boosting hidden agents. 

Just the solid roundhouse punch of real stuff in a can. 


Sometimes in our flavoured range, the colours or taste can slightly vary. That’s because we only source the freshest fruit in season. 

One bunch of blood oranges might be sweeter than the others. We can’t apologise for that. 

But instead of packing them with preservatives or colours for appearance, you simply get the slightest variation in the batch. That’s the mark of freshness that we commit to.

I guess we don’t follow the norm in manufacturing procedures. We don’t mind the extra work mother nature can demand. 

We’re never going to compromise on quality production. 

We always think the best result is worthy of the challenge. 

IF ONLY IT WERE ALL THIS SIMPLE (Then everyone would be doing it)

But we don’t care, we’re happy being leaders of the race. 

These steps are our lifeblood now and we are never going to change that.

It makes it easy when we’re committed to it every single day. 

Real. Natural. Simple. 

Let’s keep it that way – one can at a time. 



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